Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Review : Battle of Monarch 7 vs 5

Ever wondered which is the best all terrain binocular for hunting trips, bird watching, trekking etc? Well, wonder no more, for according to Nikon, the Nikon 7 line of binoculars is the best there is. It is this bold statement that inspired me to buy the Nikon monarch 7 10x42 binocular. To help you decide whether this is the binocular for you below is my detailed Nikon monarch 7 10x42 review. Also I tried to elucidate a brief Comparison of Why should buy Nikon monarch 7 binoculars 10x42 over Nikon monarch 5 10x42.

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Nikon Monarch 7 10x42 Review


The monarch 7 10x42 is an all-terrain binocular thanks to its rubber construction. The rubber coated casing of this binocular is comfortable to hold. I found the rubber eye cups on this binocular to be comfortable on my face. Apart from being comfortable, this monarch 7 model is also shock absorbent. The o-ring housing of this Nikon 10x42 monarch 7 atb binocular is filled with nitrogen making it resistant to  being fogged.

Design and price

Nikon binoculars monarch 7 10x42 is an attractive binocular. Compared to earlier Monarch models such as the monarch 5, this monarch model is shorter and wider. The physical dimensions of this binocular are 5.7 inches by 5.1 inches by 1.6 inches. In regards to price, the monarch 7 is considerably pricier than other monarch binoculars.

Adjustment and focus

Using the nikon 10x42 monarch 7 atb binocular proved to be a delightful experience thanks to its smooth and fast focusing. I am able to focus on close objects as well as far away objects without losing fine focus. With a focus wheel as wide as your finger, this binocular is easy to focus and can focus on objects as close as 8 feet.

Optical system

The most important part of any binocular is the optical system. To give it an edge over its competitors, this monarch 7 has Extra-low Dispersion or ED glasses. These glasses offer unrivaled brightness and high resolution. This is an addition to providing you with improved close focus capabilities. As if that is not enough, Nikon throws in advanced coatings on all the binocular’s lens and prisms. These coatings increase light transmission and produce an image quality almost similar to that of the human eye.


Designed for use in all kinds of terrain, the monarch 7 nikon binocular is a great performer. To ensure that you do not experience color fringing, this binocular is equipped with roof prism with corrective coatings. These prisms distribute colors evenly and ensure that the end image is not only clear but is also well saturated.

The Battle of Nikon monarch 7 vs monarch 5

Now let us compare the nikon monarch 7 vs monarch 5. But before have a look a short comparison chart.

Comparison of Nikon monarch 5 10x42 vs monarch 7 10x42

Nikon Monarch 7

  • Produces slightly clear images than monarch 5
  • Is waterproof and also impervious to fogging
  • Wider Field of View
  • Offers great contrast and color saturation
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty
  • Is considerably pricier than other Nikon monarch binoculars
  • Has a short eye relief
  • The rubber eye cups on this binocular are comfortable

Nikon Monarch 5

  • Produces clear images
  • Is waterproof and also impervious to fogging
  • Not wider Field of View Than monarch 7
  • Offers great contrast and color saturation
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty
  • Is considerably cheaper than other Nikon monarch 7 and budget friendly
  • Has a long eye relief compare to monarch 7
  • The rubber eye cups on this binocular are comfortable

From the above comparison table of nikon monarch 7 vs monarch 5 it is clear that there are almost every features are same but monarch 7 has wider field of view. Though the monarch 7 is pricier than the monarch 5, it is well worth the price. For starters, the monarch 7 uses a coating that is far much better than that used in the monarch 5. This means you get a better image quality with the monarch 7.

Additionally, the new monarch 7 is compact and weighs less than the monarch 5. The multi-coated ED glass of the monarch 7 minimizes glare making it a better binocular compared to the monarch 5. Also, having used the monarch 5 before I feel that it does not match up to the monarch 7’s brightness in low lighting. But Still I am telling that monarch 5 is bad. It is best on its own way.  If you have tight budget and can not afford monarch 7 then obviosuly monarch 5 will be the Best for you.

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Well lets continue our nikon monarch 7 10x42 binoculars Review Part 🙂

Key Feature of Nikon monarch 7 10x42

  • Nitrogen filled o-ring housing
  • Exterior rubber casing
  • Extra-low Dispersion or ED glasses
  • Roof prism with correction coating
  • Multicoated optics
  • Wide angle viewing

Frequently asked Questions

  • One of the most frequently asked questions about the monarch 7 10x42 is whether it comes with a case and a harness?
  • The answer is that this binocular does come with a case and harness
  • Another frequently asked question is whether there is any difference between the monarch 7 binocular and the monarch 7 ATB.
  • The term ATB refers to all terrain binocular, thus since the all monarch 7 models are all terrain there is no difference between monarch 7 ATB and monarch 7 binocular.
  • Yet another frequently asked question is where this binocular is manufactured.
  • Similar to many of its competitors, this ATB binocular is manufactured in China


From this Nikon monarch 7 reviews there is no denying that the monarch 7 is the one of the best binocular in Nikon’s portfolio. That being said, the improved field of view you get with this binocular couple with its Nikon’s proprietary coating technology make it a worthy contender for the best all terrain binocular award. Additionally, despite its price tag, this binocular offers value for your money. This is because it is probably the cheapest binocular in its price range.


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